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Best Genshin Impact Alternative Games on Mobile for Adventure Seekers
Genshin Impact is an incredible open-world action-adventure game that has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. It has captivated gamers with its beautiful visuals,... Continue Reading
TikTok Is Banned on All Devices Run by the U.S. House of Representatives Because of a Number of Security Concerns
TikTok, the popular Chinese video app, has been banned from US House of Representatives-managed devices, according to the House's Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). The move... Continue Reading
Snapchat to Show New Snap Originals and Start a Partnership with Cameo
Would you rather not skip an ad if you see your favorite celebrity in it? Well, soon you’ll have a chance to check. Snapchat explores... Continue Reading
Halo Infinite May Roll Out Multiplayer Narrative Events
One of the greatest issues about the overall well-received Halo Infinite is the lack of content and modes. While the co-op multiplayer is already on... Continue Reading
PUBG to Get a Crossover with Among Us!
Being one of the most influential Battle Royale Games, PUBG is still far from transforming into an incessant pop culture festival like Fortnite. Yet it’s... Continue Reading
Android Auto Update Now Available for Everyone
If you often use your smartphone while driving, Android Auto is made for you. This simplified mode has been available for a long time, getting... Continue Reading
Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends of 2022
Although the mobile app market seems to be overstuffed with apps, the user demand for new solutions is higher than ever! Developers have to tackle... Continue Reading
Dr. Applelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the iOS
Switching from Android to iOS seems hard to many users. It means reinstalling apps, renewing subscriptions if any, and changing a lot of habits. If... Continue Reading
Will Apple Appeal the Antitrust Ruling?
The story of the conflict between Apple and Epic Games continues. At the moment, Apple is still unsure whether they will appeal the recent antitrust... Continue Reading
Warcraft 3 Reforged Official System Requirements Revealed
Blizzard Entertainment has finally disclosed system requirements of the PC remake of Warcraft 3. Warcraft 3: Reforged combines the original Reign of Chaos storyline with... Continue Reading