Jerry Pharrel

In-house Copywriter, Content Creator, and Marketing Writer

Android Prepares New Sharing Features
Sharing data across devices has always been one of the most important types of communication. Photos, videos, texts, random files, and even Wi-Fi passwords often... Continue Reading
Even the Nintendo Ex-Boss Is Excited about GTA VI
Now that the development of GTA 6 is official, more and more people are anxious to see it sooner. It took nothing but the confirmation... Continue Reading
YouTube Music Doesn’t Request Your Location Anymore
YouTube Music is gaining popularity partly because of its rich content (which other service has so many bootlegs and rarities?), partly because of its constant... Continue Reading
Professional Accounts on Twitter to Get New Feature
Does it make sense to have a Professional account on Twitter? Yes, it does, and it makes more and more sense with each update. Now,... Continue Reading
When to Expect Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2
Final Fantasy 14 players have been long waiting for the next patch to arrive, and finally, we have the date. The update named Buried Memory... Continue Reading
WhatsApp and Twitter vs. Indian Authorities
Global social media strike back as Indian authorities attempt to trim freedom of speech in the country. While Narendra Modi’s government attacks Twitter and YouTube... Continue Reading
Instagram Allows Creators to Paywall Their Posts and Reels
Millions of people have been earning money using their Instagram accounts, but it only happened in 2022 that Instagram enabled them to be paid directly... Continue Reading
Twitter for Android Enables Users to Remove the Spaces Button, But Not for Free
If you needed one more reason to finally subscribe to Twitter Blue, here it is. Now Android users with the subscription can adjust the interface... Continue Reading
TikTok Will Have to Change to Remain on App Store
TikTok remains the most controversial app and service on the American market, first of all, because of its Chinese origins. Recently, ByteDance had to confirm... Continue Reading
WhatsApp Granular Privacy Controls: Who Can See Your Photos, About, and Last Seen
With the recent update, your WhatsApp account may become a much less public space. Even though the conversations themselves have always been private and even... Continue Reading
Instagram Updates: 90-Second Reels and More
Reels is the real driver of growth for the main social media by Meta: Instagram and Facebook. No wonder now Meta does as much as... Continue Reading
Netflix to Employees: If You Don’t Like Our Content, Quit!
Among the content by Netflix, there are always controversial pieces. What should employees do if they disagree with some particular message or don’t want to... Continue Reading
TikTok Pulse: Now Creators Will Get a Share of Ad Revenue
As TikTok becomes more and more of an ecommerce platform and a marketing hub, the role of those who makes it popular – that is,... Continue Reading
Cyberpunk 2077 1.5: Fantastic Visuals, More NPC, and LOD Mods
Games by CD Projekt RED have always been fantastic when it came to visuals. Even The Witcher 2 (2011) has aged well, leaving alone The... Continue Reading
Pestle for iOS Now has New Options for Sharing a Recipe
Pestle is among the most popular recipe and cooking apps in 2022, and now chances are it will become even better. Along with its unique... Continue Reading
Pacman: The Story Behind the Legend
The world saw Pac-Man for the first time in 1980. The Japanese arcade game developer Namco Limited with talented designer Iwatani Tohru decided to create... Continue Reading
140 Characters of Fame: The Most Liked Tweets Ever
It doesn’t take a long story to become popular on Twitter. Short news, reports, wishes, or announcements fit in well, and if they resonate with... Continue Reading
10 Best Missions Throughout the GTA Series
The recent release of GTA: The Trilogy revived the interest to this iconic series that hasn’t had new major titles since 2013. Nevertheless, newcomers still... Continue Reading
Top 10 Game Pass Titles of 2021
Xbox Game Pass has become a Netflix for video games. It’s one of the cheapest ways to play AAA video games these days. For a... Continue Reading
WhatsApp Dropping Old Phone Support By The End of 2020
This December, WhatsApp, the most popular messenger in the world, will lose some part of its popularity. The service will stop working on millions of... Continue Reading
Top 10 Relaxing Games
If you want to get a perfect stress reliever, find the mobile correspondent games and enjoy the process. Of course, everyone relaxes in their own... Continue Reading
Here are Top 10 Free Funny Games for Kids
Since long, we have been bombarded with lots of false news regarding video games, especially with the little ones in the context. For instance, the... Continue Reading