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Speculations Surround New Pokémon Additions in the Upcoming Scarlet and Violet DLC
According to the Lakers, it is predicted that the final lineup of Pokémon Scarlet and Violets Teal Mask DLC will include new Pokémon characters, Bloodmoon... Continue Reading
The Ultimate Nemesis in Remnant II Permadeath Runs Unveiled as an Unexpected Hazard
Hardcore gaming runs are gaining prominence on the contemporary gaming scene, as nothing can replicate the fear of losing vast progress due to an unforeseen... Continue Reading
A New Age of Web Searches: Google's AI Tool Comes to India and Japan
On Wednesday, Alphabet's subsidiary, Google, unveiled its generative AI technology for its Search tool in India and Japan. It allows users to view textual or... Continue Reading
Diablo IV: Enhanced Player Experience with Upcoming Mount Upgrades
Blizzard has teased the Diablo IV fan base with an intriguing announcement regarding a much-anticipated improvement in the game. Mounts, one of the significant elements... Continue Reading
Exclusive: Todd Howard Holds the Keys to Starfield's Unrevealed Secrets
The world of gaming holds its breath as the suspense builds around the yet-to-be-released Starfield by Bethesda. Led by the seasoned and reputable video game... Continue Reading
Ark: Survival Ascended Release Delayed to October While Developers Battle Teething Problems
Fans waiting for the remastered version of the popular dinosaur survival game Ark: Survival Evolved, titled Ark: Survival Ascended, will have to show a bit... Continue Reading
Latest Update for Sons of the Forest Unveils New Boss, End-Game Scene, and Golf Carts
Gaming enthusiasts playing 'Sons of the Forest' can now look forward to an exciting refresh with the newest patch update introducing enticing elements to the... Continue Reading
Discover Android 14 Beta 3's Innovative Approach to Boosting Battery Saver Efficiency
As smartphones continue to evolve, so do their features and capabilities. One of the most crucial aspects of a mobile device is its battery life.... Continue Reading
Revving Up Results: How Auto Brands Find Success with LinkedIn Ads
LinkedIn, often considered the go-to platform for professional networking and career opportunities, is now proving to be a powerful advertising platform for automotive brands. In... Continue Reading
Mastering the Wayfinder's Tomb Puzzle in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for Eno Cordova's Lightsaber
To begin unlocking the mysteries of the Wayfinder's Tomb, players must first locate it in the vast desert of Jedha. The tomb is at the... Continue Reading
League of Legends Introduces In-Game Report Function to Combat Toxicity
League of Legends developer Riot Games is taking a significant step in addressing the game's infamous toxic environment by adding an in-game report function. The... Continue Reading
Creating Your Own AI Chatbot With Poe's App
The evolution of Artificial Intelligence has given us a plethora of tools and technologies to play with. Q&A site Quora is now taking advantage of... Continue Reading
Google Launches Perspectives Carousel to Enhance Search Results
Google recently announced the addition of a new feature called “Perspectives” that will appear under the “Top Stories” box in search results. This feature is... Continue Reading
Minecraft is Here to Stay: How Mojang Is Keeping the Game Fresh with Long-Term Updates
Minecraft is a phenomenon like no other. After a decade since its initial release, it remains one of the most popular games of all time.... Continue Reading
Minecraft Player Makes a Narrow Escape from an Epic Enderman Chase
Minecraft is one of the most beloved and iconic video games of all time. It has become a cultural phenomenon, with millions of players creating... Continue Reading
Epic Games Announces $10 Million Prize Pool for 2023 Fortnite Championship Series
Epic Games has announced that the 2023 Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) will have a total prize pool of $10 million and will begin on February... Continue Reading
Developer Yuji Naka Indicted in Square Enix Insider Trading Case
Yuji Naka, the co-creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Taisuke Sasaki, a former employee of Square Enix, have been formally indicted for alleged insider trading... Continue Reading
Google Lens Decodes Doctors' Bad Handwriting
For decades, doctors have been writing prescriptions in such a way that it is almost impossible for their patients to understand what they wrote. Now,... Continue Reading
Biggie’s VR Concert Hosted by Meta Is to Take Place on December 16, 2022
Meta has announced that it is planning to hold a VR concert to mark the 50th anniversary of the revered East Coast gangsta rap star... Continue Reading
What Will Netflix Be Like With Ads?
Earlier this month, Netflix released another subscription tier that's much cheaper than the others, but it's supposed to contain ads. This type of subscription will... Continue Reading
Telegram Must Pay a $5 Million Fine for Violating German Laws
News broke last Monday that Telegram received a fine of EUR 5.125 million after failing to comply with German laws. According to the statement of... Continue Reading
How YouTube Will Monetize Shorts
YouTube Shorts is the fastest-growing part of YouTube experience, being the response to TikTok’s success with its short entertaining content in portrait mode. And as... Continue Reading
Call of Duty: Warzone Accused of Plagiarism Because of a Samoyed Skin
Have you seen the Loyal Samoyed skin that would appear in the upcoming Floofy Fury bundle for Call of Duty: Vanguard or Warzone? Alas, hardly... Continue Reading
Tower of Fantasy: When Will the New Anticipated JRPG Become Available?
Tower of Fantasy, an upcoming MMO from Level Infinite and Hotta Studio, has already been defined as “the sci-fi version of Genshin Impact”. The previews... Continue Reading
Halo Infinite Forge Will Allow Users to Share Files Right at the Launch
Halo Infinite still needs more content, and the ongoing test of co-op campaigns will last for some more time. Yet we know of another feature... Continue Reading
Lightroom Launches a New Video Editing Tool, But There’s More to It Than Video
Adobe has always been more than a developer of great media-editing tools. It managed to create a unified environment where using multiple tools for one... Continue Reading
TikTok Starts Offering Subscription Content and Upgrades the Playlists Feature
It seems we finally see the moment when serious artists make serious art on TikTok on subscription basis. Jericho Mencke, a well-known comedy artist, features... Continue Reading
Google Chat Uses Banners to Prevent Phishing Attacks
Google Chat, just like other services made for communication, may become the place where phishers attack their potential victims. Can Google prevent it without sacrificing... Continue Reading
Game Testers from Raven Studio (Activision Blizzard) Can Form a Union… Soon
Is game testing a profession? Yes, the National Labor Relations Board ruled on April 22. The ruling was necessary because the employer (in this case,... Continue Reading
Dangerous Apps! How to Protect Your Phone?
The shady market of malicious Android apps has grown bigger than ever, with thousands of apps that can compromise your data even if you download... Continue Reading
Reach Full GTA 5 Completion with These Steps
While some people play the game and are not too concerned with their completion rating, it is an important part of playing GTA 5 for... Continue Reading
WhatsApp Tests Their Time Limit Settings for the Disappearing Mode
The team of WhatsApp is currently working on their Disappearing Mode feature in the app and they reportedly started testing different timing options for users... Continue Reading
Top-7 Tools That Will Speed Up Your Windows PC
Let’s be honest, despite a bunch of advantages the Windows platform has, its performance is far from perfect. Every time you need to install a... Continue Reading
The Witcher 3: All Monsters Ranked
The Witcher 3 is one of the most diverse games when it comes to open-world wildlife. Playing the game, you will meet various types of... Continue Reading
Top 10 Game Releases (November 2020)
We saw dozens of great video games in October 2019, including creative Concrete Genie, an amazing noir detective story in Disco Elysium, controversial but great... Continue Reading
Yes, Your Grace Expected Release Announced
Yes, your Grace is a beautiful pixel art game, and its Kickstarter campaign started in late 2014. After years of silence, it reappears, and it’s... Continue Reading
Google Maps App And Its New Perspectives
We are almost sure that you use Google Maps often and hope that you are satisfied with this service. We are glad to inform you... Continue Reading
How to get started with Google Play Music
There are a plethora of apps that allow you stream music from your device, purchase some latest songs, share the music, enjoy the radio stations,... Continue Reading