Dark and Darker: Prepare for the Next Free Trial

Dark and Darker, an upcoming online dungeon crawler is getting ready for its next tests. IRONMACE, the independent Korean studio that is developing the game, announced that the tests would be available to all players during the upcoming Steam Next event. The developers also took part in a Q&A session where they shared many details about the game and the playtest. 

The upcoming playtest will feature a new dungeon in the form of a one-story mine, complete with a boss troll at the end. There will be no skill tree available in this test, but players will be able to communicate via voice. The game will be launched in early access in April or May, and the developers have many changes planned in the meantime. 

The wizard class will be getting a much-needed revamp, as the magic system wasn't working as it should. Additionally, two-handed weapons will be nerfed, as their stats were seen as exaggerated. The bard class is planned for the future, and players who kill their teammates will suffer consequences. The developers also have missions and outdoor stages in their roadmap. 

Dark and Darker has been in development since 2018, and the previous tests have been successful. At the peak moment of the December test, an impressive 69 thousand players were playing the game. The developers seem committed to delivering a great product, as they continue to add new features and make improvements. 

In conclusion, Dark and Darker is coming to Steam Early Access soon, and the upcoming playtest is another chance to give the game a shot. Players can take part in the tests during the Steam Next Fest and learn more about the game and its features. The game is looking more and more promising as the developers continue to work on it.

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