Google Chrome Bookmark Sync Limit: What You Need to Know

The recent change in Google Chrome can cause a lot of frustration for heavy bookmark users: the web browser now has an arbitrary limit on how many bookmarks you can sync between devices. This cap is well into the thousands, with 20,000 bookmarks for mobile and 100,000 for desktop. With no warning given when you reach this threshold, read on to find out what to do if you suspect your bookmark syncing isn't working properly.

First off, it's important to note that Chrome won't tell you if the limit has been reached, so it's useful to know how many bookmarks are being stored across all your devices at any one time. If they're more than the maximum number set by Google, then syncing may not work as expected, and new ones could be left out altogether. To check the number of current bookmarks, visit chrome://settings/syncSetup – here, you'll find details about what is or isn't being synced and also delete any unnecessary items from your account.

It may be tempting just to ignore all this but bear in mind that having too many unsynced bookmarks could lead to problems with accessing them later on down the line, especially if some have become outdated or irrelevant over time! Therefore it might be worth taking a look through each device periodically and deleting anything which doesn't need saving anymore - this will help keep track of everything even when there are limits imposed by software like Chrome.

To avoid reaching maximum capacity again after removing old bookmarks, try organizing them into folders within each device rather than having everything listed under one folder directly; this way, fewer items will appear in total while still making sure all relevant pages stay easily accessible whenever needed! And finally, remember that although there currently seems to be no way around these limits other than manual sorting & deletion, they could always change (or increase) with future updates, so keep an eye out for news related specifically to bookmarking features within Google products such as Chrome or Android phones etcetera too!

In conclusion, understanding exactly how much space is taken up by stored data across multiple devices is essential for getting around restrictions imposed by software like Google Chrome’s new arbitrarily limited bookmark sync feature. It's best practice, therefore, to check chrome://settings/sync setup regularly and remove unnecessary items from accounts where possible before hitting any predetermined caps; additionally, organizing remaining links into folders should make things easier long-term without pushing against storage thresholds again soon afterward, either!

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