The Ultimate Nemesis in Remnant II Permadeath Runs Unveiled as an Unexpected Hazard

Hardcore gaming runs are gaining prominence on the contemporary gaming scene, as nothing can replicate the fear of losing vast progress due to an unforeseen character demise.

In Remnant II, the hardcore mode introduces numerous ways for a character to die. One particular ledge, however, is becoming notorious among players for prematurely ending their hardcore runs. This fatal point of the game is located on a secondary pathway within the Labyrinth, requiring a challenging jump that often results in characters tragically missing their footing and plummeting to sudden death.

As brought to attention by Reddit user MediocrePollution878, the casualty induced by this precarious jump can be quite anticlimactic. Nonetheless, many players, undeterred by this pair of circumstances, continue to experiment with this optional track. Hopefully, developers can soon make improvements to these jumps, ensuring players no longer feel as though a faulty movement mechanic has sabotaged their hardcore run.

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