Twitter for Android Enables Users to Remove the Spaces Button, But Not for Free

If you needed one more reason to finally subscribe to Twitter Blue, here it is. Now Android users with the subscription can adjust the interface of the mobile app just as easily as those on iOS have been able to for some time. If you have grown to hate that Spaces button in the middle of the bar, your chance to get rid of it is here.

It’s just one of the benefits included in a Twitter Blue subscription, but for many, it’s crucial. When Twitter launched Spaces, obviously inspired by Clubhouse, the addition was quite divisive: some users embraced it gladly, and others simply ignored it. If you are among the latter, the ability to remove that button from its honourable place in the middle of the bar is a seductive possibility.

Twitter Blue also allows users to read articles in ad-free mode, sort their bookmarks by folders, edit tweets, see their feeds in Reader mode, customize navigation, and access popular articles. iOS and web users also choose various themes. Now they can also customize the navigation, which is, for many, a serious step to a better Twitter experience. With the recent update, themes are the only thing that Android users lack, but hopefully, they may also change soon.

The cost of the subscription is as little as $2.99/month, which is reasonable if you follow someone who uses Twitter as a publishing platform. Articles are a serious extension of the service’s functionality and are by themselves worth some investment, especially if they are ad-free. As for Spaces, it will still remind you of its existence with banners on top of the feed if someone is holding a conference at the moment you’re reading it.

Is this customization enough for you to try Twitter Blue? When Spaces, DM, or alerts are removed, which tabs would you like to have instead of them? Maybe this will be the next step? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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