Guide to Reviving the Community Center in Stardew Valley

Players in Stardew Valley can choose to revitalize the dilapidated Community Center with the assistance of the Junimos, as a narrative path distinct from aligning with JojaMart. Acquiring a JojaMart membership will convert the Community Center into a warehouse, closing off this storyline. Therefore, players should avoid purchasing a JojaMart membership if they wish to pursue the restoration of the Community Center.

To kick off the Community Center narrative, players should head towards Pelican Town from the Bus Stop after at least five days in the game, on a sunny day before 1:00 pm. This visit triggers an event where Mayor Lewis introduces the disused Community Center, starting the "Rat Problem" quest.

Unraveling the Rat Problem Quest

Unraveling the Rat Problem Quest

To address the Rat Problem quest, players need to interact with the Community Center's Golden Scroll. Initially incomprehensible, a subsequent invitation from the Wizard provides the solution. Accepting the Wizard's potion, available at his tower in Cindersap Forest, allows players to comprehend Junimo script, enabling them to tackle the various bundle challenges within the Community Center.

Completing Bundles Within the Community Center

Inside the Community Center, scrolls in different rooms list bundles required for renovations. Players submit specified items to complete these bundles, each yielding rewards and contributing to the improvement of Pelican Town.

The Quarry is Unlocked Through the Crafts Room

By fulfilling all forms in the Crafts Room, players gain access to The Quarry near the Mines. Bundles here include seasonally-found forageables and construction materials sourced from tree felling and stone breaking. Tree stumps, found on the farm and in the Secret Forest, supply Hardwood.

  • Spring Foraging Bundle: Wild Horseradish, Daffodil, Leek, Dandelion
  • Summer Foraging Bundle: Grape, Spice Berry, Sweet Pea, Blackberry
  • Fall Foraging Bundle: Common Mushroom, Wild Plum, Hazelnut
  • Winter Foraging Bundle: Winter Root, Crystal Fruit, Snow Yam, Crocus
  • Construction Bundle: 99 Wood, 99 Wood, 99 Stone, 99 Hardwood

The Greenhouse from Completing the Pantry

The Greenhouse from Completing the Pantry

The Greenhouse is the reward for completing Pantry bundles, allowing crop cultivation regardless of the season. Bundles in the Pantry comprise artisan goods, animal products, and crops. Quality crop bundles require golden star quality which can be enhanced with Pierre's fertilizers. Animal bundles are fulfilled by taking care of livestock in a Barn or a Coop.

The Final Renovation and Introduction of the Movie Theater

With all bundles completed, the Community Center is fully restored and the Junimos depart after a heartfelt farewell. The town celebrates this victory the following sunny day with a special ceremony. This marks a turning point for the player's influence in the town.

A Surprise Bundle in the Abandoned JojaMart

The storyline doesn't conclude with the Community Center's restoration. The abandoned JojaMart becomes a point of interest once more when a lightning strike unveils "The Missing Bundle," a set of rare items for the steadfast player to collect, offering an additional challenge.

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