Mastering the Wayfinder's Tomb Puzzle in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for Eno Cordova's Lightsaber

To begin unlocking the mysteries of the Wayfinder's Tomb, players must first locate it in the vast desert of Jedha. The tomb is at the center of an array of ancient bridges and structures, initially appearing as a dormant monument. Nearby, players will find three pathways, each containing a unique rolling ball puzzle that must be completed to gain access to the tomb. Take note of the three pillars on the map as a reference to find each path.

Conquering the Path of Persistence

Conquering the Path of Persistence

The first of the three paths is the Path of Persistence. Although players can attempt the paths in any order, the Path of Persistence is an ideal starting point as it can be completed using Cal's basic abilities.

Follow heading 050 using BD's binocular form from the center of the Wayfinder's Tomb to reach the Path of Persistence. The goal is to align the track, allowing the ball to rise to the correct position to activate the last switch. Follow these steps to complete the puzzle:

  1. Grapple to the ledge and enter the entrance chamber.
  2. Clear out the Stormtroopers and unlock the shortcut zipline on the right.
  3. Utilize Cal's pull ability to move the ball along the track in the second chamber.
  4. Return to the lower chamber and take the shortcut zipline back to the starting platform.
  5. Grapple to another ledge and use Cal's Push ability to move the main ball up the track.
  6. Head back up and use the wall to run near the second chamber, moving the pillar to its original position.
  7. Defeat the Stormtroopers and Security Droid Enforcers at the top, then use Push to complete the Path of Persistence.

Collect the Force Essence reward to unlock a new perk slot for Cal before moving on to the next path.

Navigating the Path of Restoration

Navigating the Path of Restoration

The second path, called the Path of Restoration, requires the Dash ability to complete. Follow heading 160 from the Wayfinder's Tomb to find the path. To overcome the challenges of the Path of Restoration, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the rock platform with a climbable path and defeat the nearby Stormtrooper.
  2. Cross the large gap and enter the small chamber with an enemy inside.
  3. Climb the ledge with a lone Stormtrooper, then use the wall run to reach another ledge.
  4. Use Cal's Push ability to move the ball and adjust the track pieces in the wall.
  5. Go back to an earlier ledge and move the next ball.
  6. Move the large climbable wall section down, then enter the chamber to move the final bridge piece.
  7. Re-position the first bridge piece set everything into place, and use Push to complete the Path of Restoration.

Collect Cal's reward and proceed to the final path.

Completing the Path of Conviction

Completing the Path of Conviction

For the final path, the Path of Conviction, players will need the Upgraded Ascension Cable ability. This puzzle requires precision and quick movements, as the balls will return to their starting positions if not acted upon fast enough. To finish this path, follow these steps:

  1. Use the first grapple point to get to the main puzzle yard.
  2. Push Ball 1 to the opposite position, then quickly grapple to the high ledge and pull the adjacent ball.
  3. Fall to the lower ledge and push Ball 1 into the first track piece, letting it rise in position.
  4. Grapple to the top platform and defeat the enemies present.
  5. Climb the wall using a grapple point and reach the top.
  6. Use Cal's Push ability to guide the ball up the track and complete the Path of Conviction.

Claiming the Treasures of the Wayfinder's Tomb

With all three paths completed, players can now enter the Wayfinder's Tomb and uncover its secrets. Inside the main chamber, Cal will find an upgrade to his map system, revealing all hidden treasures and the complete set of Eno Cordova's legendary lightsaber. These rewards will enhance Cal's abilities and provide a significant boost to his journey as a Jedi Knight in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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