Unlock the ultimate guide to Assassin's Creed Odyssey and become a master of the ancient Greek world!

If you want to dive into the thrilling adventures of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, this guide is for you! From valuable character-building tips to comprehensive descriptions of all the main and side quests, you'll find everything you need to get started with Ancient Greece here. Whether you're going through the game for the first time or are an experienced player, let us help you make the most of your journey.

Choose your character kit wisely

One of the best features that set AC Odyssey apart from other games is the complete freedom in character creation. You can choose different abilities and skills that will affect how NPCs interact with you, as well as what fighting style is best for each situation. For example, do you want to focus on melee weapons? Or would long-range attacks be more suitable for destroying enemies? Once you've made your decision, use our carefully crafted character creation guides so that each decision works to create an even stronger fighter capable of handling any foe.

Complete all major quests

The main storyline in AC Odyssey follows the path taken in previous games but introduces some new elements, such as branching dialogue options that allow players to control their destiny like never before! Each quest challenges players to complete various quests to advance further in the story, but don't forget the side missions, too, as there are often useful rewards for completing them. Keep an eye out for clues left by former characters that could lead to the key secrets of this vast world!

Immerse yourself in free DLC and Legacy Of The First Blade

AC Odyssey offers plenty of extras in the form of free downloadable content packs (DLC) that offer fresh new challenges and exciting rewards upon completion. If that's not enough, the game also has two full expansions, Legacy Of The First Blade and Fate Of Atlantis, which feature entirely new storylines with unique characters, allies, weapons, and equipment sets exclusive only to these add-ons! However, take advantage of them now while they're still available, as they won't be available once the game launches.

Complete major quests

Make important decisions that will affect your journey

When playing AC Odyssey, be careful because every decision you make has consequences – some good, others bad, so choose wisely when you are offered several options during a conversation or during certain events throughout gameplay (like saving someone or deciding who lives/deads). This will ensure a better outcome later on if something unforeseen happens along the way due to unforeseen circumstances.

Discover all the secrets hidden in this vast world

Exploring every corner in the ancient Greek world of AC Odysseys is necessary in order to discover all the secrets hidden waiting around the corner(s). For example, secret tombs are scattered far around the map and contain powerful artifacts that will be of great benefit if used during intense battles with enemies/bosses! Similarly, don't close your eyes to every nook and cranny inside the ruins/caves, etc., because chances are there might be something special lurking under the surface, patiently waiting to be discovered if you're brave enough!

Track down the Cosmos Cultists and stop their terror

The Cosmos Cultists have been wreaking havoc in Athens and beyond ever since they formed a mysterious organization known only to a few people who live in the shadows cast by life itself. Now it is up to YOU to stop their terror by any means necessary, no matter the cost! Track them down one by one, using information gathered while exploring locations all over the map + completing certain tasks along the way, and winning!!!

Make romantic relationships with interesting characters you meet along the way

Romance isn't completely dead in the Assassin's Creed universe!!! Once Alexios/Cassandra meet interesting characters along the way, sparks will fly between both parties, leading to a successful relationship filled with love and adventure like never before! Don't miss the chance to flirt because the process is rewarding. Seeing different sides of the people you meet along the journey while participating in meaningful conversations shapes the destiny of the person in question.

Make a map of all the places

Make a map of all the places encountered during your journey

Navigating ancient Greece is no easy task, especially when you consider the number of places encountered during your travels. Take time to create a mental image of the entire map, highlighting important landmarks previously visited and noting points of interest recently discovered. This will make traveling much easier and cut down on time, providing shortcuts quickly described above when needed! In addition, by noticing patterns that display landforms, you may uncover hidden secrets previously unseen, so don't miss this opportunity!!!

Earn trophies and platinum trophies to demonstrate your level of skill

What better way to demonstrate your gaming prowess than by earning trophies related to the video game you're playing? Sure, it takes patience and determination to unlock the higher difficulty levels of achievable 'Platinum' status, but the end result is worth the wait because bragging rights earned after are simply priceless! So stay focused and disciplined as you grind your way through the gold medals earned for defeating the toughest challenges you've faced so far = trophy cabinet overflowing in no time!!!


So there you have it, folks – our guide to helping you reach peak performance when playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey. From choosing the perfect character to fit your individual play style to hunting down the elusive Cosmos cultists, rest assured that following the above steps will guarantee success, no matter what happens next. Happy hunting to all!

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