Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends of 2022

Although the mobile app market seems to be overstuffed with apps, the user demand for new solutions is higher than ever! Developers have to tackle such challenges as user engagement improvement, utility value enhancement, and many more. To keep apps attractive to users and provide modern user experiences, developers have to follow several tech trends that are described below.

1. Augmented Reality

AR has already been used a lot by the leading tech companies, but its true potential is only about to unleash. In 2022, developers will focus on integrating AR not only into entertainment platforms but also into marketplaces. AR will let users try on the clothes they want to buy and check out how various items look inside their homes.

2. Blockchain

Extensive testing of the blockchain technology in 2018-2021 provided developers with a clear understanding that blockchain is the future of the digital security market. Due to the decentralized database structure, blockchain lets companies encrypt client data better and ensure 100% security of data exchange and financial transactions.

3. Predictive Models

Not every tech trend is visible. Predictive models are used as backend analytical processes that scan customer data to figure out actual buying patterns and specific likes/dislikes of users. This data can be immediately used to improve user experience and leverage user satisfaction and retention rates.

4. 5G

There were too many talks about 5G networks in 2021, but the technology will become a worldwide standard only in 2022. The improved bandwidth and connection quality will let developers launch more complex features and content and provide users with notably smoother UX than it was possible with 4G.

5. Low Code App Development

The times when you needed a team of experienced coders to create even a simple app have gone. Today you can design many types of apps in no-code environments on your computer or even on a smartphone! In 2022, this fact will become obvious for more users, so we should expect a larger number of apps on the market compared to 2020-2021.

New Experience

2022 is promising to provide us with loads of brand-new mobile app experiences and let us use our smartphones for an even larger number of purposes. What other trends do you expect to see in mobile app development in 2022? Let’s chat about it below and don’t forget to share this article with other tech fans.

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