TikTok Pulse: Now Creators Will Get a Share of Ad Revenue

As TikTok becomes more and more of an ecommerce platform and a marketing hub, the role of those who makes it popular – that is, the creators – grows even stronger. When content and money come together, they should contact. TikTok Pulse is a program that enables top creators to get money when their videos are watched alongside ads.

How does it look? Now, TikTok “places brands at the heart of TikTok communities”. For this, it specifies 12 content categories, so brands can choose the most relevant among them. These categories will be used to decide what this or that add should pop up next to. The content in these categories should be also verified, to avoid any unsafe situations for the brands’ reputation.

Through the eye of a creator, the greatest thing about Pulse is its automation. You won’t have to search for partners and make deals yourself (though, in theory, it may bring more profits as well as make curated advertising more engaging). Now it’s done automatically as your videos make it to the top and become attractive to advertise next to.

Which creators can benefit from this program? TikTok says it’s Top 4%. But it’s not enough to have a certain number of daily viewers; the program updates daily, and it’s not the author that attracts advertisers but a certain video. More hits, less misses. Now more original quality content is required from video makers. And though this is similar to YouTube’s Partner Program, the money will not look original either; will anyone refuse it for this reason?

What do you expect from this program, as a viewer or maybe as a creator? Will creators compete harder to get to the Top 4%? Will ads become more relevant and less annoying? Will content personalization change? Let’s try to predict the next change in TikTok’s experience. Would you leave your forecast in the comment?


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